Hazardous Detailing

Hazardous Detailing for Extraordinary Situations

When dealing with dried spilt milk or the aftermath of a long road trip, you may decide to clean the car yourself or have professional car detailing done. Imagine, however, the overwhelming feeling of facing a mouse infested interior or a broken-down refrigerator truck. These situations are too complicated for soapy water, and auto detailing doesn't go far enough. The best solution is to have your vehicle cleaned and decontaminated by professionals familiar with hazardous materials.

Mayken™ specializes in all levels of vehicle cleaning, from stubborn grime and garbage to biohazards and drugs. We have seen most every noxious and nasty condition imaginable. When faced with a new situation we draw upon our extensive years of experience and training.


High Risk Personal & Commercial Vehicle Detailing

Over the past two decades, we have restored personal, recreational, and commercial vehicles with such conditions as:

Rodent, bird & insect infestations

Lice, bed bugs & other parasitic insects

Mold & mildew

Fire & smoke

Hoarding or living in vehicle


Chemical residue

Illicit drugs, drug residue, drug paraphernalia

Infectious disease (e.g. COVID-19, Hepatitis B or C)

Bodily fluids (Urine, feces, vomit)

Decomposing bodies (Death & suicide)

Blood or blood products

Ensure Your Vehicle is Safe to Drive Again

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Detailing vs Hazardous Detailing

The different levels of cleaning a car or vehicle achieves different results. Knowing the difference between available options can help you decide the type of cleanup needed for your situation to drive safely

Detailing a Vehicle

The intent of detailing is to restore as much of the new car sheen as possible. Detailing packages tend to start with rejuvenating the exterior paint finish, chrome, and rubber. Interior surfaces are often added on as an upsell. With detailing, effort is put into removing tough stains, stubborn dirt, tree sap, grease, road grime, and all remains of dirt before applying a protective coating or paint sealant. The detailer will use a microfibre cloth, clay bar, and cleaning products from Chemical Guys.

Hazardous Detailing for Vehicles

The result of the vehicle decontamination detailing process is a vehicle free of harmful materials and is safe to drive again. Hazmat professionals focus on interiors because risk exposures are the greatest. External surfaces are neutralized and cleaned too. Where a professional detailer may clean crevices between the seats, a hazmat technician will remove the seats if necessary to ensure all contaminants are removed. Hazmat specialists can do vehicle drug testing if illicit drugs are suspected. In addition to cleaning tools of the trade, hazmat specialists use protective equipment and disinfectant spray to kill any biohazards that are present.

4 Reasons Hazmat Professionals Are Needed For Hazardous Detailing

Professional hazardous detailing and decontamination services are more expensive than DIYing or typical detailers solutions. Beyond your time savings, using professionals is worth the investment for 4 key reasons:


Professional hazmat cleaners know what they're doing. They don't use any product or chemical they may have on hand hoping it will work. Knowing how to assess the situation and use the right products and cleaners to be effective is important. Your results just won't be clean, they will be thorough and safe.


Professionals understand the hazards involved. Calling in an expert means you are dealing with someone who has the proper training, protective equipment, and experience to handle any biohazardous and toxic substances.


Professionals follow strict safety protocols and procedures. Properly disposing of hazardous materials is as important as removing them.


Professionals offer peace-of-mind. When your vehicle is returned, you can drive away knowing you and your passengers will be safe.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Safe to Drive Again

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hazardous detailing removes harmful substances and materials from a vehicle to ensure that it’s safe for the driver to use again. The interior of the car and all of its ventilation systems are the focus of hazardous detailing so that all contaminants are removed. Regular detailing aims to make the interior of a car look as new as possible. While car detailing is an effective way to remove coffee stains and crumbs from your car, it is not meant for removing illicit substances or harmful materials.

If you’re in need of hazardous detailing or would like to know more about our service, contact our team at Mayken™ today!

There are a number of extreme situations where hazardous detailing is required to ensure the health and safety of you and your potential passengers. Seek hazardous detailing if you experience the following:

  • Your car has been stolen & recovered
  • Exposed to human or bodily fluids
  • Infested by rodents, insects, or birds
  • Mold or extreme odour issues
  • Infectious disease (COVID-19, hepatitis B or C)

If you have experienced any of the above, get in touch with Mayken™ as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for hazardous detailing.

Yes, we do! If your car has been stolen and then recovered, it is crucial that you have your vehicle tested. Most of the time, when a vehicle is stolen it is used to carry out crimes related to illegal drug use. From this, there can be residue left behind. Vehicle decontamination will ensure your car is safe to drive again, protecting you and your family from harm.

If you have recently been a victim of car theft and recovery, get in touch with our team immediately!

Before the hazardous detailing process begins, a vehicle drug test is conducted to identify the illicit substances that are present. During the process of vehicle decontamination, hazmat professionals use the necessary tools and disinfectant sprays to remove any harmful materials and substances that pose a risk to your health and safety. If necessary, seats will be removed to ensure all contaminants are removed. External surfaces are also neutralized and cleaned.

If you have recently been a victim of car theft and recovery, get in touch with our team immediately!

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