Drug Lab Remediation & User Site Cleanup For Fentanyl, Meth, & Illicit Drugs

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Fentanyl is highly toxic to anyone who encounters it. Cleanup and decontamination should be done by a certified, licensed, and insured hazmat technician. 

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Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions are industry leaders dealing with drug lab and grow op cleanup and remediation. We have successfully remediated numerous fentanyl labs, including the largest lab in Canadian history.

Our background with hazardous materials combined with extensive training and experience dismantling illicit drug sites throughout Alberta and BC is unmatched by others. The wealth of knowledge and depth of experience brought to each site goes into delivering the highest quality of drug related remediation services.

As added reassurance, all work performed is compliant with current standards set out by local regulatory authorities. Our top priority is making your life cleaner and safer and as quickly as possible.

Reliable Drug Lab Remediation

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    Illicit Drug Lab Remediation Including User Sites

    Fentanyl processing labs aren't the main concern anymore! Single fentanyl users are contaminating public areas. Hotels, bars, restaurants, office buildings, and even grocery stores have been affected. This epidemic is not going away and it will only getting worse! Decontaminate and neutralize your property contaminated by meth labs, fentanyl labs, and user sites.

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    Theft Recovered Vehicle Decontamination

    The ongoing threat of vehicle thefts cause everyone to be cautious and on-guard. Vehicles are often stolen by criminals who have a drug habit and use the vehicle for illegal activities. Upon recovery, the police do a quick search for evidence relating to crime but thorough testing is required to determine the extent of vehicle contamination. Testing identifies suspicion of drugs, bio-hazards, or if extreme cleaning is required.  If you are a victim of having your vehicle stolen or broken into, be cautious to not touch or go near the vehicle until you can be sure it is safe to do so. First responders have fallen ill due to contact with a significant drug residue they weren't aware of. Learn more about vehicle testing and decontamination.

  • Tubs of marijuana plants under grow light

    Grow Op Remediation

    Whether legally or illegally grown, property damage, including extensive mold issues, can result from growing marijuana plants. An experienced certified mold remediation specialist can identify clues pointing to former grow operations on your property that are easily missed.

  • Drug test strips in sampling vials

    Vehicle & Property Drug Testing

    Is your rental property a hub of drug activity? Has your stolen vehicle been returned? For peace of mind, you need clarification if drugs are present. Have Mayken™ test your property, car, truck, or van as soon as possible. Learn more about having vehicle or property drug testing done.

Illicit Opioid Awareness

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    Fentanyl Awareness Seminars

    Fentanyl and other illicit drug threats continue to be a growing health concern and risk. We come across these toxic substances in properties and vehicles as the result of a variety of circumstances. As such, Illicit Drug Decontamination and Neutralization has become a major focus of our business. We are now the leading experts in fentanyl remediation in Canada. By sharing our experience and knowledge we hope to help others avoid becoming a victim. Book a fentanyl awareness seminar for your group or business. We are happy to discuss customizations as well.

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    Fentanyl Video Series

    What you don't know can harm you. The six-part video series "Fentanyl - What You Need Know" introduces you to the world of fentanyl covering the topics:

    • What is Fentanyl
    • Risks
    • What to look for
    • Remediation
    • Protecting yourself
    • Inside a Fentanyl Lab

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