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Keeping You Safe With Hazardous Cleaning Is Our Business

Mayken Hazmat Worker In Yellow Suit Cleaning Up Drug House

We are an industry leader in hazardous cleaning. Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions has been cleaning up unsafe and unhealthy sites for residents and businesses in Calgary and western Canada since 2006.

We strive to be the best hazardous cleaning company that you can rely on for all your extreme cleaning needs. Our team of technicians are licensed, trained, and experienced in a wide variety of hazmat waste cleanup techniques. We have the knowledge, tools, and equipment to take care of any undesirable situation with efficiency and compassion. We're here to help you safely move forward with peace of mind.

Hazardous Cleaning Services

  • Biohazard Cleanup

    Dealing with a trauma scene cleanup yourself can be very grim and overwhelming. As a professional hazardous cleaning company, we are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to clean up the scene in a responsible and compassionate way. We've handled many types of traumatic scenes: natural and unattended deaths, suicides, accidents, hoarding, and more. We can bring you peace of mind and restore your residential, commercial, or vacation property. Learn more about our biohazard cleanup services in Calgary.

  • Hoarding Cleanup

    From start to finish, we return your property to a safe, livable state. Dealing with hoarding situations can be very overwhelming. Our experienced team can help with sorting, identifying, and organizing keepsakes. We'll remove and properly dispose of any garbage and damaged items. Our team can also detect and remove mold and odours aa well as insect, rodent, or bird infestations. When all the debris has been removed, we clean and disinfect the area, repair any structural damage, and restore your property to be like new again. Learn more about our hoarding cleanup services in Calgary.

  • Crime Scene Cleaners

    Our professional crime scene cleaners are thorough, dependable, experienced, and compassionate. Let us safely remove and properly dispose of biohazards and dangerous materials. We'll keep you safe from infectious diseases, contaminated blood and bodily fluids, drug reactions from illicit drugs, injuries from needles and sharps, and more. Once the immediate danger has been removed, we clean and disinfect the area to return the property back to a clean state. Learn more about our crime scene cleanup services in Calgary.

  • COVID & Disinfecting Services

    Keep your family or business safe from COVID-19 and other viruses. Disinfect your home, vehicle, office, or commercial space to remove viruses, germs, moulds, fungi, biohazards, and other contaminants: COVID-19, MERS, SARS, MRSA, influenza, H1N1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Norwalk virus, Hantavirus, and more. Our team of professional hazardous cleaners are equipped with the right tools and skills to effectively and efficiently disinfect your home, office, or commercial property. Learn more about our disinfecting services in Calgary.

  • Disinfectant Spray

    Disinfect your home, vehicle, office, commercial space, or vacation property to remove viruses, germs, moulds, fungi, biohazards, and other contaminants. Our team at Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions created our disinfecting solution with you and your family’s safety in mind. We wanted to provide a product that helped you stop the spread of viruses and germs without any harmful chemicals. Place your order for Mayken’s safe, eco-friendly, and professional-grade disinfectant spray today.

  • Asbestos Abatement

    Exposure to asbestos fibres can affect your long-term health. If you're planning to renovate an older home, we can help determine if any asbestos is present. If there is asbestos present, we can ensure no one is exposed to asbestos fibres during the abatement process by using proper containment, air scrubbers, and respirators. Keep your family and neighbours safe by calling in the professionals like Mayken™. Learn more about our asbestos abatement services in Calgary.

  • Mould Removal

    At Mayken™, keeping your family and pets safe during the mold remediation process is key. Our team follows strict protocols to get the job done right. We start with setting up containment chambers with negative pressure to ensure your safety. We then locate the source or sources of water or excessive moisture and deal with those so the mould won't keep coming back. We remove all damaged materials and restore the area. Finally, we use air scrubbers to ensure all mould spores are dealt with. Learn more about our mould removal services in Calgary.

  • Odour Removal

    Ozone is an affordable, safe, and an effective way to permanently remove odours. Our ozone generator not only removes odours from fire, smoke, pets, skunks, sewage, spoiled food, bodily fluids, and biohazards, it also kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens, pathogens, salmonella, listeria, etc. It's a safe and effective way to permanently remove odours. Learn more about Odour Removal Air Purification Ozone Treatment by Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions.

  • Property & Estate Services

    Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions assists Municipal Government Act, health enforcement orders, property management companies, builders, housing agencies and residential homeowners with all manners of troubles. We provide onsite extreme cleaning services such as construction (renovations, maintenance, deconstruction, and rebuilds), inspections (drug labs, grow ops, water damage, mold, asbestos), and remediation (hoarding, debris removal, asbestos abatement, mold removal). Learn more about our property and estate services in Calgary.

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