Hoarding Cleanup

When Hoarding Cleanup Services Become Necessary

Arranging for hoarding cleanup can be done whenever you are faced with a stressful and overwhelming situation involving debris, garbage, and clutter. While no one sets out to become hoarders, we should keep in mind that because hoarding is not clutter it needs to be taken seriously.

A lifetime of purchasing items can suddenly become out of hand, especially if you’ve recently downsized your home. Temporary and longer-term circumstances can cause a lack of energy or desire to keep a home clean. At other times, you may find yourself responsible for cleaning out a property left in ruins by someone else. This could be the case with the estate of a deceased person or a property manager with a bad tenant.

If Compulsive Hoarding Disorder (CHD) is involved, you are likely dealing with extreme conditions resulting from compulsive collecting and the inability to throw out garbage or useless items.

Whatever the reason, getting the cleanup process underway as soon as possible is critical to reduce personal risk. Continued accumulation of items creates unsafe living conditions. In addition to the potential fire hazard, hidden health hazards pose a problem for any person living in the property.

Cleaning distressed properties requires specialized protective equipment, experience, and tested procedures to minimize risks. Working with our Mayken™ team means your situation will be addressed safely, efficiently, professionally, and discreetly without judgement.

Hazardous Hoarding Situations Can Be Clean Again

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Hazards of Extreme & Hoarder Cleaning

People often mistake hoarding cleanups as junk removal or a deep spring cleaning. However, the tiring and grueling work of sorting through and hauling away items is only the beginning. Simply handling possessions and garbage exposes you to a wide range of hazardous materials commonly found across hoarding situations such as:

Feces and fecal matter

Expired food & rotting garbage

Insect & rodent infestations

Animal droppings

Razors, needles & other sharp objects


Restoring Your Property & Peace of Mind

These and other unseen dangers of hoarding require special handling. A thorough professional hoarding cleanup is a process that goes beyond what most junk removal or commercial cleaning companies can handle properly. Returning your premises to a safe, livable state is a multi-stage process:

Steps to Starting Fresh

  1. Removing debris, junk, & garbage
  2. Removal & proper disposal of biohazards
  3. Identifying salvageable items
  4. Looking for structural damage
  5. Cleaning, sanitizing, & disinfecting the premises & all items that are to remain
  6. Odor removal of any remaining smells
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Using professionals who specialize in hazardous cleanup is affordable in both time and costs to ensure the cleanup is dealt with properly and safely. More importantly, well trained cleaning specialists remove the risk of harming your own health or the health of current and future occupants of your property. Our team of technicians wear full protective clothing and respirators to safeguard against the risks of coming into contact with the hazards that are present. People who tackle the gross filth in a hoarding environment without the proper equipment unknowingly open themselves to health issues later on.

Going through the clutter and debris raises anxiety and stress levels. What to keep and what to let go are not easy decisions to make, especially in the emotion of the situation. As part of our hoarder cleaning services, a professional organizer can be included on the team. Their role is to support you and methodically work through the purging process. This will help you stay on track and keep you motivated for as long as needed. At the end of the job, improving your quality of life is the top priority.

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Hoarding Cleanup Comes In Many Forms

Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions has been providing extreme and biohazard cleanup services in Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding area for more than a decade and a half. We have dealt with every type of situation imaginable. Even if your situation is unique, we are confident in drawing upon our experience to turn your distressed property situation into a safe place to live again.

We have worked with homeowners, family members, landlords, property managers, executors, health authorities, and government officials, among others. Whatever your extreme cleaning needs, we will deliver your property back to you meeting our superior standards. The range of situations includes:

Alberta Health eviction orders

Public health threats

Moving in/Moving out cleaning (evicted tenants)

Hoarders (all levels of hoarding)

Junk & clutter removal, hauling & disposal

Gross, filthy, & trashed homes & yards

Expired food removal & disposal

Pets, insects, birds, & rodents dropping infestation

Bed bug preparation & cleanup

Contaminated and/or distressed properties, vehicles, & soil

Vandalism & transitional housing

Biological & biohazard waste removal

Blood & bodily fluids

Feces, fecal matter, & urine cleanup

Infectious diseases & viruses

Illicit drug labs & user sites cleanup

Sharps & needle cleanup

Infectious waste & diseases

Flooding & sewage backup

Mold remediations & asbestos abatement

Air purification & odor removal

Professional organizing


if you or someone you know needs help, it may be time to call on the professionals. We are highly trained and experienced with a professional, companionate approach. No need to be embarrassed, because we are a discrete and non judgemental cleanup service company. We understand and will listen to your concerns, all while respecting your property and belongings.

Hazardous Hoarding Situations Can Be Clean Again

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While all 3 involve the accumulation of objects, even when the number of items seems extreme to others, there is still a distinct difference:


  • Loves finding treasures.
  • Focuses attention on organizing and displaying their collections.
  • Takes great pride in showing off their collections with others.
  • Home resembles a large tidy display case.


  • Loves finding treasures or great deals.
  • No time to deal with incoming objects “right now”, so objects end up unorganized in the basement, attic, or spare room.
  • Might be somewhat embarrassed by messy basement, attic, or spare room.
  • Rest of home is in normal, liveable condition.


  • Can’t let anything go, even when no sentimental attachment.
  • Piles of objects along with garbage eventually fill every room in home.
  • Often isolated and struggles with depression or anxiety.
  • Home becomes unsafe to live in because of blocked exits, unsteady towering piles of stuff, blocked access to washrooms and kitchen, bacteria, insect infestations, etc.

There are many dangers associated with hoarding:

  • Mold spores
  • Poor air quality from dust and decaying matter
  • Feces and urine spread airborne bacteria
  • Insect and rodent infestations that can bring bacteria, diseases, and viruses
  • Tripping on scattered or falling debris
  • Fire hazard

Professional biohazard cleaning companies like Mayken™ will benefit the job in these ways:

  • Years of experience with hoarding and biohazard cleanup
  • Proper gear and equipment to handle the removal/cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, feces, urine, excessive trash, rotting food, mold, mildew, odor, animal waste, etc.
  • Experience finding and removing insect and rodent infestations, illicit drugs, drug residue, weapons, sharps, and needles
  • Equipment and products for odor removal
  • Professional organizing skills
  • Compassion and patience throughout the entire process
  • Professional organizing skills
  • Compassion and patience throughout the entire process

The team at Mayken™ understands that a hoarder’s worst fear is what will happen to their stuff. We have professional organizers that work closely with the client to help them sort through the items to determine what can be kept and what must go (based on condition and safety). Depending on the circumstances, all salvageable items will either be packed up for storage or put away in an organized manner.

The amount of time to clean up a hoarding situation depends on the size of the property, the amount of debris on the premises, and if there is any structural damage. Our technicians can do an on-site assessment to give you a quote. In extreme hoarding situations, where we can’t see the extent of the damage up front, we can provide daily quotes as we progress through the job.

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