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Mayken™ was contracted to clean up the very first fentanyl lab busted in Alberta back in 2016. During that time, we worked closely with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to develop a process to safely clean up fentanyl-contaminated sites.

Since then, we have remediated many illegal drug labs, including the largest fentanyl lab in Canadian history. We have become trusted industry leaders for drug lab remediation in Calgary and surrounding areas. We continue to provide expertise as subject-matter experts to AHS as they routinely update the fentanyl remediation guidance.

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Meth Labs Can Be Anywhere

A lot has changed in the last decade in the last decade when it comes to clandestine drug labs. Back then, the main cause for concern was dealing with meth labs. Since it is highly addictive, low-cost, easy to produce narcotic, methamphetamine was the drug of choice.

This resulted in meth being produced everywhere, in residential buildings, non-residential buildings, and vehicles; in cities, suburbs, big towns, small towns, rural acreages, and even in cabins hidden in remote forested areas. Regardless of where it was produced, the chemicals used to create meth are highly explosive and the fumes are very harmful, which makes cleaning up a meth lab an extremely dangerous job.

Besides the threat of harsh chemicals and fire, there is a rick of exposure to the risk of methamphetamine itself. The health risks from methamphetamine include respiratory issues, irregular heartbeat, tooth decay, heart problems, strokes, and even death.

Common Illicit Drugs

Meth and fentanyl are not the only hazardous illicit drugs and substances encountered at drug sites. Knowing what is on site is the first step to proper and thorough cleaning. We start with a property drug testing process to locate and identify any drug contamination for the following substances:

This list of substances tested increases as new drugs are found on the streets by police or health authorities in Calgary and surrounding areas

Faced with damage from drug-related activity?

Fentanyl Changed the Game

Fast-forward a few years and the growing popularity of synthetic opioids like fentanyl and carfentanil has made the dangers of cleaning up drug lab contamination even worse. Nowadays, most narcotics smuggled into the country are in bulk form. This means they still need to be processed locally to turn blocks into powders and powders into pills.

Even if they already come in pill format, many drug dealers will crush the pills so they can cut the fentanyl with other substances into new pills. This allows them to sell more product and increase their profits and distribution network.

Entrepreneurial drug dealers often turn rental properties, apartments, empty townhomes, and even vehicles into distribution centres and production labs. Because they do not own the property, it is easy for them to pick up and move elsewhere on short notice.

Fentanyl Drug Labs

The equipment used to break down fentanyl creates very fine dust, much like the powdered sugar found on doughnuts. Like other fine dust, it easily gets inside air ducts and drains, in and on top of cupboards, on the ceilings, wall and windows, ground into carpets, between floorboards, etc.

Basically, every surface exposed to air can end up with drug residue on it. The fentanyl dust can also be spread outdoors from clothing and shoes. This can leave a trail of contaminated areas.

Fentanyl Drug Sites

Even if there is no drug lab and no drug processing, but just illegal drugs being used by a single user, there is still a risk of contamination in the area. These contaminated areas can include private dwellings, apartments, townhomes, motels, hotels, vehicles, offices, public washrooms, stores, yards, and playgrounds.

Since such tiny amounts of fentanyl can be deadly, any location where fentanyl has been used should be treated with as much caution and cleaned using the same process as a full drug lab site.

Signs of a Fentanyl Drug Lab in Rental Properties Across Calgary

If you're a landlord or property owner, the safety of your tenants is your top priority. Here are a few signs to look for at your rental property to spot a potential fentanyl drug lab:

Covered windows
Drugs or suspicious substances
Large machines
Unusual trash
Baggies or pill casings

It is becoming more common for rental properties across the country to be used as distribution or production labs for illicit substances, including fentanyl. Even if you have the slightest suspicion, you're probably right. If you're a landlord or property owner in Calgary and you suspect your last tenant may have used the space as a possible fentanyl drug lab, get in touch with our team today!


Production sites and user sites for illicit drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl are all highly dangerous environments. That is why it is so important to hire licensed, insured, and certified hazmat technicians and drug lab cleaners to handle the remediation process

Removing toxic chemicals and chemical waste safely is complicated. Often the types of chemicals used are unlabeled. To ensure long-term safety, the hazardous materials must be properly handled and disposed of correctly. Professional chemical clean up technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to do the job thoroughly and safely.

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Taking Extra Levels of Precaution

At Mayken™ we take extra precautions to ensure the property is returned to the owner in a clean, safe, pre-condition or improved state. This includes:

  • Working with local authorities to ensure adherence to local government agency regulations
  • Installing Naloxone kits and have established safety procedures
  • Containing, removing, transporting, and disposing of all chemicals, drugs and their by-products
  • Being a licensed transporter of hazardous waste and holding an emergency Alberta Waste Generator Number
  • Documenting, labelling, and reporting every finding every step of the way

We approach grow op remediation with the same type of diligence in our drug lab clean up procedures.

AHS Defines Drug Cleanup

Drug lab decontamination is not a simple cleaning job, it requires advanced knowledge of local and federal laws, chemistry, and environmental issues. Alberta Health Services states on their "drug operation closure" health orders that property owners are required to:

  • Hire a professional remediation company that specializes in hazardous materials remediation
    (like Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions)
  • Submit a remediation proposal for approval and acceptance
  • Provide documentation that the cleanup work was completed

Our proposals and documentation are thorough and detailed to meet AHS' stringent requirements when cleaning up drug labs and user sites in Calgary

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