Asbestos Abatement

Do you have asbestos in your home that requires asbestos abatement or removal?

How do you know? How do you find out?Asbestos Abatement by Mayken

One quick call to our call centre. We can advise on the best direction for your situation and whether you need asbestos abatement to return your home to a safe environment.

Asbestos and mold both have their own health hazards. Both products need to be dealt with in an extremely safe manner. Training and certification is required for the containment, removal and testing of asbestos, also known as asbestos abatement.

  • Did you know that mold can cause immediate and short-term health risks while asbestos affects long term health?
  • Was your home built prior to 1990? If so, it is suspect for asbestos and should be checked right away to ensure the health of you and your family members.
  • Asbestos was used in building materials from drywall mud, popcorn ceilings, linoleum and attic insulation (vermiculite).

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Removal of asbestos - asbestos abatement

  • If you are thinking of a renovation project in your home, it is in your best interest to have your existing building materials tested for asbestos and to determine if asbestos abatement is necessary.
  • If asbestos is detected, it is mandated by OH&S to have it removed. We follow all the applicable industry standard set forth by Alberta Health and Occupational Health and Safety.

Our certified and trained team will ensure that during and after the asbestos abatement process neither you, your family, our workers and the public will not be exposed to asbestos fibers. We use containment, air scrubbers and respirators that are all fully tested and certified to ensure no cross contamination.

Safely remove asbestos from your home

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